Dear valued customers,

You may have heard that MÜV Medical Cannabis and MÜV CBD have joined forces with Verano earlier this year. As part of this combination, we have decided to refocus on the continued growth and innovation of cannabis-based wellness.

It has been a pleasure bringing MÜV’s unique formulations and technology into the highly competitive and expansive CBD space. We thank you for your support and hope you will in some capacity continue your journey with us along this path of growth and evolution as we navigate an ever-changing cannabis landscape. Again, we apologize to those who have grown accustomed to our CBD brand, but please know that we are working diligently on new and exciting cannabis products to meet the myriad needs of patients and consumers alike.

If you have any questions regarding this change, a dispensary near you, or if you’re eligible for cannabis-derived CBD through your state’s medical marijuana program, please contact Verano Customer Care at 833-880-5420.